Stucco Repair in Long Beach, CA | Licensed & Insured!

Stucco repair in Long Beach, CA done by truly experienced professionals at a competitive rate. No job is too big. No job is too small. Beautiful stucco installation is our specialty! Our crew has the necessary experience in stucco to get the job done right, every single time. Our pros have years of experience in the stucco industry. Hands-on experience and years of training have made us one of the most recommended stucco pros in the South Bay area. Located near the ocean, we’ve seen some extreme stucco repair projects, all of which we were able to accomplish successfully. 

Whether you need simple color matching from a recent fade or need complete stucco remediation, we’re the ones you need on-site! Our team is knowledgeable of city codes and knows what the inspectors and engineers require to proceed with your project. That results in faster project completion and fewer costs.  When looking around for a stucco repair, give us a call first!

We’re ready to service your home or commercial building. The top stucco repair calls were get in the South Bay are:

  • Fading stucco repair 
  • Patching up peeling stucco
  • Cracked stucco repairs
  • Stucco extending below grade
  • Rotting stucco repair
  • Covering up stucco holes

These are the most frequent requests for stucco repair in Long Beach, CA. However, every so often we do get calls for odd stucco repairs such as rodent damage or a car driving through a wall! 


Do You Experience Constant Stucco Issues?

We love working with stucco and most of all being able to see the results! Stucco is a beautiful cladding system that when installed properly adds elegance and value to your property. However, many times we are called in by homeowners who unfortunately purchased a poorly remodeled fixer upper and came to find out they cut some corners when it came to the stucco.

Stucco is a preferred home building material due to its low maintenance and affordability. However, common issues are experienced when the waterproofing process is skipped or when the cladding is not maintained regularly. 

Poor stucco installation and failure to perform regular maintenance result in frequent need for stucco repair in Long Beach, CA.

Pro Tip

Before purchasing a home, be sure to have an inspector check the stucco. The last thing you want is to spend thousands later on stucco repair and touch ups.


Will My Homeowner's Insurance Cover Stucco Repair?

It depends. From previous stucco projects, some homeowner’s have had their stucco repair in Long Beach, CA covered. Although these types of claims are frequently denied due to many homeowners hiring unlicensed professionals, sometimes they are approved. Requirements from homeowner’s insurance companies can be: 

  • The company who installed the stucco was licensed
  • The damage was discovered after buying the policy
  • You have been residing at the property for a few years

Should You Get Stucco Repair or Remediation?

When you take a look at that patch of mold on the side of your home and you contact a stucco pro, they will probably ask if you are interested in remediation or repair. In short, stucco repair is an affordable and quick way to patch up the ugly stucco. Stucco remediation focuses on finding the root of the problem, repairs it, and patches up the stucco. 

Stucco Repair

We recommend stucco repair in Long Beach, CA when your home has some cracks, peeling stucco, or discoloration. This is typically pretty affordable and quick. 

Stucco Remediation

When called for a repair and we see seriously damaged stucco that has a deep underlying issue, we will recommend stucco remediation. We suggest remediation when there is a pipe leaking behind the wall, causing discoloration and/or mold.  Of course, this project will require a bit more resources but in the long run, this option will prevent further damage to your home and your family’s health.