Stucco Repair in Los Angeles, CA You Can Count On!

Stucco repair in Los Angeles, CA that is durable and perfectly applied is our specialty! We’ve been in the stucco and plastering industry for years. Proper training and hands-on experience has made us one of the most recommended stucco pros in the Los Angeles area. There is no repair we haven’t been faced with. From patching up small cracks to completing stucco installations, we’ve done it all! We’re familiar with city building codes as well as the local inspectors and engineers. That means, we know what they need to see and we deliver it on every property – residential or commercial. When looking around for a stucco company, give us a call first!

Top Stucco Repair Requests in LA

We specialize in stucco repair for both commercial and residential properties. Here are the top stucco repair services we are faced with in the Los Angeles area:

  • Patching up peeling stucco
  • Cracked stucco
  • Water stains or discoloration
  • Stucco extending below grade
  • Rotting stucco repair
  • Mold on stucco

These are the most common requests for stucco repair in Los Angeles, CA. However, every once in a while we are faced with unique situations, still nothing we can’t handle!


Why Do I Have Stucco Issues?

Stucco is a beautiful cladding system that adds elegance and serious value to your property. Unfortunately, in many cases, especially in Los Angeles, many fixer upper properties have poorly installed stucco that result in costly repairs to the new owners.

Typically you will experience stucco issues if waterproofing was skipped during the installation process. Also, keep in mind that stucco cladding, regardless of installation efficiency, will require regular maintenance – don’t skip that.

Poor stucco installation and failure to perform regular maintenance result in frequent need for stucco repair in Los Angeles, CA.

Pro Tip

Before purchasing a home, be sure to have an inspector check the stucco. The last thing you want is to spend thousands later on stucco repair and touch ups.


Does Your Homeowners’s Insurance Cover Stucco Repair?

This is a great question and we have worked with homeowners who were able to have their stucco damage covered by their homeowner’s insurance. From our experience, stucco repair claims are frequently denied by insurance companies. Here are the common requirements to have your stucco claim approved by your homeowner’s insurance company

  • Be sure that a licensed professional installed the stucco on your home
  • The stucco damage had to be discovered after purchasing the homeowner’s insurance policy
  • It’s important to insurance companies that you have lived at the property for a number of years

Will You Need Stucco Repair or Stucco Remediation?​

While you wait to hear back from the insurance company, the stucco damage still has to be taken care of. At this moment, you need to decide whether you need stucco remediation or stucco repair in Los Angeles, CA. The big difference between the two is that one is more of a permanent solution while the other is temporary.

Stucco Repair Service

When we work to repair the damaged stucco, we’re aiming to find the damaged areas and replace it with matching stucco. This option is great and much more affordable if you have minor cosmetic stucco repairs needs, suchs as cracks or color discoloration. Keep in mind that when you hire us for stucco repair in Los Angeles, CA, we are not looking for the serious underlying issues if there are any.

Stucco Remediation

Stucco remediation focuses on finding the serious underlying issues as to why your stucco needs repair. One of the most common serious issues we see in the greater Los Angeles areas are plumbing or mold issues. We focus not only on patching over the mold or discolored stucco, but also getting the plumbing and mold issues resolved. Stucco remediation can be a bit more costly but can save you tons of damage repair later.